AEMSA Flavor Testing Recommendation

The American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association awards membership to e-liquid manufacturers that have proven to meet strict standards regarding their e-liquid product production and distribution. The AEMSA tells consumers that they are buying a top grade product and not something mediocre from an uncertified vendor.  Regular e-liquid products contain propylene glycol, nicotine, and vegetable glycerin. These three ingredients have already been studied extensively and have been proven to not be harmful to individuals. Of course, the nicotine is not perfectly healthy but it comes from sources other than tobacco leaves. So this means it is not as addictive or bad for you. All the literature on this topic is available to the public.

In addition to the three main ingredients, there are also flavoring components that are formulated to give off a certain flavor to consumers when they vape. These flavor components are created by a mixture of many different ingredients that might often be found in food. While these ingredients may be safe to eat, the AESMA is investigating whether they are safe to inhale or not. So far there have been no cases cited where consumers have had any health risks or side effects. However, the AESMA wants to be absolutely sure the ingredients won’t have any long term effects. The two main flavoring ingredients they are concerned about are acetyl propionyl and diacetyl propionyl. AESMA made a recommendation for these ingredients to be removed from their flavoring components.

There is a whole supply chain for e-liquid flavoring components that makes the whole situation complex. E-liquid manufacturers don’t typically create these components. They purchase these components from suppliers who create them. Since the suppliers are not under the influence of AESMA, this means the e-liquid manufacturers have to make sure the flavoring components they purchase are tested by using scientifically certified analytical detection equipment. The procedure for the test is complex, but basically it will be able to tell if acetyl propionyl and diacetyl propionyl is in the e-liquid. If the results show there are no traces of these chemicals then it will meet the AESMA approval.

The whole purpose of the AESMA is to make sure consumers are safe with their e-liquid consumption. Electronic cigarettes are still new to the world and there needs to be safety protocols in place to ensure the public’s safety. Therefore, if you purchase an e-liquid bottle with an AESMA membership logo on it then you know you are going to be safe. If you want to know more information about AESMA, visit their website at:


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