All you need to know about e-cigarette liquid:

All you need to know about e-cigarette liquid:

Quit smoking is a very difficult task altogether. It is almost impossible for a regular smoker to quit smoking at once. However, technology has opened new ways that can help as an aid for smoking cessation. The popularity of e-cigarette usage is increasing day by day. Several multinational tobacco product-manufacturing companies are concentrating on the production of e-cig liquids. A new e-cig user is sure to become overwhelmed by the range of varieties of e-cig liquids. Hundreds of options of e-cig liquids are available in market from Do-it-yourself home brewers to local shops to multinational e-cig liquid companies. However, the question remains which one you should opt for. How would you select the perfect for your device? From this wide range of varied options, there are some provisions to make your own e-cig liquids. Yet, you should know the exact formula to mix the ingredients. E-cig liquids are generally divided in to two groups based on its primary ingredients.

  1. PG (Propylene glycol) Mixture: This is comparatively thin and sweeter. It creates great throat hit, which makes it preferable for some people. However, PG based e-cig liquids are highly sensitive and can cause allergic effects in some users.
  2. VG (Vegetable glycerin) Mixture: It is thick in concentration and heavy. It is less sweet than PG mixtures. It is capable of creating large amount of vapour. It has very smooth throat hit, which is appreciated by many users. It is considered safer than the PG mixture as it has been derived from natural ingredients. It does not contain any sugar.

It is recommended that you should follow some basic steps while choosing the perfect e-cig liquid for your e-cigarette.

  • Almost all company uses the same four basic components for e-cig liquids. But not all of them are equal. Therefore, it is recommended that you only choose e-cig liquids from a reputed company with USP grade PG/VG and Laboratory grade nicotine.
  • Look for the PG/VG ratio to ensure full satisfaction. Different ratios like 50/50, 60/40, 80/20 and 100% PG or 100% VG are available in the market. For beginners 50/50 and 60/40 ratio is recommended.
  • Ensure the type of flavor and nicotine you want. There are hundreds of varieties available. Therefore, one should try out a few trial-sized varieties to determine the most desirable flavor.

However, it completely depends on your preference it is always important to keep in mind that e-cigarettes and e-liquids are used for a substitute for and aid to help quit smoking. Therefore it is always important to keep the nicotine levels of your e-cigarette liquid as low as possible. This helps to control your craving for nicotine.

Moreover, it is evenly important to check for the pH levels of the e-liquid you are using. Like any other juice concentration e-liquids also have a certain pH level that should be maintained for better oral hygiene. The optimal pH level recommended is between 6-8. While mixing two or more ingredients to prepare your own flavoured e-liquid you should always check the pH level by using a pH strip to have a healthy vaping experience.

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