All you need to know about E-juice

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All you need to know about E-juice:

Since Electronic cigarettes have been introduced to the market, it has gained popularity beyond imagination. No other methods of smoking cessation are as much popular and enjoyable as the electronic cigarettes are. However, the most important part of these e-cigarettes is the e-juice or e-liquid. It is a flavoured fluid used in e-cigs that creates the vapour from an e-cigarette. The e-juice has a variety of flavours for the consumers and the range and experiment with its flavourings is growing day by day.

The main ingredients of e-liquid are:

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  • Propylene glycol(PG)
  • Vegetable glycerin(VG)
  • Natural or artificial flavorings
  • Nicotine(optional).

You can always add distilled water to the e-liquid if you feel it’s too thick for your taste.

The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are the two primary base for any e-liquid. All the ingredients used for the e-liquid preparation are approved by FDA and equally safe for consuming. E-liquids are basically made up of 100% PG or 100% VG or with the mixture of both.

There are some parameters with which you can select what kind of e-liquid is best for you. However, the flavourings are the main deciding factor for selecting any e-liquid. But you can always go for any e-liquid based on these categories:

  • Throat Hit:PG based e-liquids always provides stronger throat hit than any VG based e-liquid. Depending on your preference decide upon the ratio of PG and VG base in your e-liquid.
  • Vapour Production:VG based e-juices create more vapour than the PG based ones and also have a mild sweet aftertaste. If you want more vapour then should go for higher percentage of VG based e-liquids.
  • Storage:As a synthetic base PG based e-liquids have longer storage period than the VG based e-liquids.
  • Temperature resistance:VG based e-liquids need higher temperature to produce vapour as they has stronger temperature resistance. However, with same temperature PG based e-liquids may cause a burnt taste.
  • Atomizer compatibility:PG based e-liquids are more thinner and are easily absorbent in the wick material of the e-cigarette. Therefore it is much easier to clean the e-cigarettes as they won’t gunk up the wick material easily.
  • VG/PG tolerance: Few people are allergic to PG. Therefore it may cause rashes or upset stomach.

Nicotine and other flavourings:

The nicotine level is measured in the e-liquids by milligrams per millilitre of e-liquid. For the smokers who DaVinci Ascent - the world's most advanced portable vaporizerwant to switch to vaping to quit smoking, the amount of nicotine should depend on the number of daily cigarette consumption. However, it should be kept in mind that switching to vaping is a way to quit smoking, therefore these people should not go for higher levels ofnicotine. The standard nicotine levels used by e-liquid producing companies are:

  • Low:-1mg-11mg
  • Medium:-12mg-16mg
  • High:-17mg-24mg
  • Extra high:-25mg or more.

There are 100s of natural and artificial flavouring that can be added to the e-liquid. The flavours include fruits like strawberry, raspberry, cherry, apple, peach, vanilla, watermelon, lime, jasmine, mint, tobacco, clove, green tea, milk & honey, chocolate, coffee, candy and lots more. Take a look at Lotus Vaping. LLC

pH levels:

Like any other liquid e-liquid also has a pH balance that should be maintained so that the consumers have a good oral hygiene. While creating your own flavoured e-liquid you should also remember to check the pH balance before you start vaping. A pH level between 6-8 is recommended for ultimate taste and healthy vaping.

There is no one who can tell which e-liquid would be best for you. Therefore you need to taste a few types of e-liquid before settling down to a certain flavour of your choice.

Create your e-Liquid flavor now!

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