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Vaping is becoming more popular and mainstream as many begin to use this as a means to quit smoking harmful tobacco cigarettes. There are many advocacy groups who dedicate themselves entirely to expressing the benefits of vaping compared to smoking. Advocates range wildly in age, and come from all walks of life. We do not need celebrity endorsement to continue smoking our e-cigarettes, but it appears that we whole-heartedly have it.
Many celebrities endorse and partake in vaping; some claiming that is has saved their lungs, and quite possibly, their lives. Charlie Sheen endorses it to the point of partnering with an ecigarette company, NicoSheen. He is fifty years old, and had been trying to quit smoking tobacco for years. Vaping was his answer. Malibu
Johnny Depp (age 52), one of the most respected actors and producers of the modern film era, has been vaping for at least five years, and doesn’t appear to be giving it up anytime soon. As well as Katherine Heigl, who is notoriously known for her conservative attitude and strong opinions, has been smoking ecigarettes since before the year 2010 and even vaped live on the air with David Letterman to prove her advocacy of smoking ecigs over the dangers of tobacco smoking.
Leonardo DiCaprio is 41 years old, and says that smoking ecigarettes is the only fulfilling alternative he’s found to cancer-causing tobacco. Courtney Love, age 51, is so confident that vaping is a solution to tobacco-addiction that she appeared in a commercial for ecigarette brand NJOY in 2013. Ryan Seacrest took up vaping as a means to quit smoking in 2011, and hasn’t given it up, saying that it calms him and produces the same effect in his body as tobacco, without the harmful bodily effects.
Barry Manilow, one of the most prolific stage performers of all time, used ecigs to kick his smoking habit at the ripe old age of 72.
These are just a few of the many celebrities who are aware of the positive effects that vaping can have on your health and happiness. They firmly believe that switching from tobacco to ecigarettes has prolonged their lives. Of course, they’re correct.

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