E-Cig Objections

There are certain groups of people that are quick to negatively judge e-cigarettes by saying they are just as bad as regular cigarettes, if not worse. This negative mindset usually comes from people’s consistent fear of change. People generally do not like to experience anything new, especially when it comes to their smoking habits. So when you try to introduce e-cigarettes to a habitual smoker, they will immediately try to dismiss it. They reasons why they dismiss it usually come from the appearance of the e-cigarette or what they have heard in gossip forums on the internet. For example, one common objection is that e-cigarettes are too big and bulky to handle. People often get scared by all the internal components of the device and so they don’t want to deal with it. But what these people don’t realize is that e-cigarettes come in many different sizes. You can purchase some that are actually the same size as a traditional cigarette. The only difference is you won’t have to buy a pack of cigarettes. You just need the one e-cigarette which you can keep refilling with e-liquid and use over and over again. As for the maintenance of the internal components, you can purchase V2 e-cigs which don’t require any maintenance.

Another objection to e-cigarettes is how its e-liquid contains unknown chemicals that may be harmful to humans. But studies have already been done to confirm what these ingredients are and they are not harmful to those who ingest them. It still poses a lesser risk to your health than tobacco cigarettes. Now a much more common objection is how e-cigarettes will blow up in your face. We have already heard a few news reports about such incidents. But what people don’t realize is these victims tried to modify the internal components of their e-cigarettes, which caused it to explode in their faces. The only things you should ever do with your e-cigarette are vaping, changing the battery, charging and filling it up with e-liquid. That is it.
Finally, parents are afraid that the different flavors of the e-liquid are being marketed towards kids and will make them want to start smoking. Remember that e-cigarettes are not like traditional cigarettes. In fact you are not even smoking when you use the e-cigarettes, but rather you are vaping. Besides these e-cigarette companies put age restrictions on their products. So as you can see, all of the common objections towards e-cigarettes are purely speculation and do not have facts to back them up.

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