E-Cigarette: – A revolutionary invention

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. This is a warning sign we can see in every pack of cigarettes. But people who smoke are seen least bothered about this warning. However, it is not like that they are not concerned about their health. But, they cannot quit smoking more because of their nicotine addiction. However, after so many years of awareness campaigns and programs against tobacco smoking, people seem to have understood the impact of cigarette smoking on themselves as well as the people living around any smoker. People, who have been chain smokers for a long period, finally have started to accept the fact that smoking is damaging their health. People have started to quit smoking too. However, the nicotine addiction has a lot of interference in quitting smoking. Quitting seems a very difficult task when a smoker craves for a shot of nicotine. Well, there’s good news. Science and technology has invented a more effective and safe way to help people quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes help to cut down and quit traditional smoking habit effectively.

This was first introduced by China in 1960’s. Since then it has started gaining popularity in whole wide world. The device used back then was simpler and was only used to heat the nicotine solution to create vapor. A few years later a local company started to commercialize the product and First, Second and Third generation variations have been introduced to market since then. E-cigs are said very useful and effective as a smoking replacement and an aid to smoking cessation. This revolutionary product has created much hype since then and has become very popular with ex-smokers, even along with non-smokers.

A research have shown that a threefold increase in the use of e-cigs among youth in recent years. Many communities who help those people, who are willing to quit smoking, believe that e-cigarettes are the best way to switch the mode of nicotine intake. They even consider that it is the only way that can help an ardent smoker to quit more effectively, that too without causing any pain. Several replacement therapies to replace nicotine cravings or quit smoking did not receive the obvious support as the e-cigarette has. E-liquid

Several sub-communities of e-cig users have grown since it has become so popular. There are groups who consider themselves as ‘the vaping community’ in popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The usage of e-cigarettes has increased rapidly since it became a huge hit among the masses. It has taken up a hobby by many people. The Oxford Dictionaries have announced the word ‘Vape’ as the ‘word of the year 2014’.

Since its success in market, many tobacco product manufacturing companies have also concentrated in producing such cigarettes as well as the accessories needed with this. Many tobacco companies have concentrated their attention towards manufacturing of e-liquid for e-cigarettes. E-liquids come in various flavours along with the most popular nicotine one. However, other popular flavours of e-liquids are menthol, jasmine and mixed fruit. Various company mergers and take-overs are taking place since this product has made a revolutionary appearance in the market. Many companies are rapidly changing the mode of their business into e-cig and e-liquid productions to grab hold this potential market.
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