E-Cigarette Configuration

E-Cigarette Configuration

When you first start using electronic cigarettes you should purchase a starter kit because it comes with all the essential tools and components you will need to start vaping. These tools basically include your electronic cigarette device, the battery, clearomizer tank, coils for the tank, USB charge cable, and tasty e-liquid flavoring. The first step is to open the clearomizer tank, which usually have either a top coil or a bottom coil configuration. So unscrew the top or bottom and then open your e-liquid bottle. If you have a top coil then place one drop of e-liquid into it and go on to the next step. If you have a bottom coil then you need to prime the wicks and create a moat that surrounds the coils with e-liquids.

Now you are ready to fill the tank with e-liquid. Fill up a dropper with e-liquid and squeeze it into the top of the clearomizer tank. Then squeeze some more around the tank in a circular motion. Try not to get any e-liquid into the center post, or else it will end up getting in your mouth when you try vaping it. It could also end up all over your battery, which could cause permanent damage to the battery and your entire device. This is also why you should not overfill the tank either. There is a line on the top of the tank which indicates the cutoff point. All you have to do is keep the liquid below the line and you will be fine. So just remember that you have to be very careful when filling the tank for this reason.

After the tank is filled up, screw on the cap and tighten it until it doesn’t turn anymore. You don’t have to over tighten the cap because it will make it that much more difficult the next time you have to unscrew it again. Once you are done with this step, turn on your battery by pressing the button. Some batteries require you to press the button five times fast and then a light comes on. Just keep pressing the button until you see that light. Be careful not to keep pressing the button too much or else you may turn the battery back off again.
Now you must screw the tank onto the battery. Again, do not over tighten the tank. In fact the screwing should require very little effort. Just do it until there is a bit of resistance and then stop. Otherwise you could risk damaging the battery just like before. But if you screwed it on correctly, start vaping because you are done!

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