E-Cigarette Economics

The global economy is getting worse and worse every year. With all of the reports in the news about the increasing employment rate, people just aren’t seeing it. Most of the jobs available are temporary or minimum wage jobs that no human being can survive on. This means people are very tight with their money and are going to shop cautiously for any extras for themselves. For those who are tobacco smokers, this means they will have to find an alternative to satisfy their addiction. State and local government agencies are increasing their tax rates on cigarettes every year. In New York City, one pack of cigarettes cost about $12. This is terrible news for a chain smoker who might smoke one pack every single day. What are they going to do? The only alternative is to purchase electronic cigarettes because they are affordable and will satisfy the addiction of a tobacco addict.

So, how much is affordable? The average electronic cigarette costs a little less than $100. Now this might sound like a lot of money, but you have to remember the electronic cigarette device is something you won’t be throwing away after one puff. In fact you will get to keep it forever because it never wears out. The only thing you will be replacing is the e-liquid cartridges that go inside of it. E-liquid is the main ingredient that gives power to the electronic cigarette and allows you to vape from it. They come in all different shapes, sizes and flavors. But more importantly, they are less expensive to replace than purchasing a new pack of cigarettes. The average 30 ml e-liquid bottle costs $20. For that you can get quite a few vapes out of it, and you won’t even be hurting your health either.
If you are a smoker who is on a tight budget then electronic cigarettes are definitely the best investment you can make. They will save you money, make you healthier and make those around you healthier as well. Now you might be saying to yourself, “I cannot afford to spend $100 for an electronic cigarette.” Fortunately, you can buy used electronic cigarettes online, like on eBay. Now you might be concerned buying these used, but they are still safe and will save you a ton of money. It is no different than buying any other mobile electronic device. Of course, don’t buy the e-liquids used because that is what you are actually consuming into your body. You’ll want that to be new and fresh for this reason.

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