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juicy fruits on iceOne of the best things about electronic cigarettes is their assortment of flavors. People no longer have to be subjected to the nasty taste of tobacco cigarettes when they can choose food type flavors for their e-liquid. You can find all kinds of flavors like peanut butter, ice cream, chocolate, and more. Not only will this help people get over tobacco addictions, but it could also help with food addictions as well. There are typically six categories of flavors for e-liquids; tobaccos, menthols, fruits, desserts, coffees, and

beverages. Each of the categories has their own assortment of flavors to choose from.
New vapers who are trying to quit smoking might want to use the tobacco flavoring first because it will remind them of the tobacco smoking they are used to. You can get tobacco flavors that taste like many of the popular brands out today. They come in full flavored, light, sweet, mild, unfiltered, rich and European.
If you want a strong cool peppermint flavor then try menthol flavored liquid. This flavor will remind you of the menthol cigarettes you used to smoke. It will leave your mouth smelling sweet and minty for hours.   Liquid for e-cigarette There are also multiple flavors for the menthol as well; Peach Breeze, Java Breeze and Apple Breeze are just a few examples.
Fruit flavors are a popular choice for e-liquid. You can choose from watermelon, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, pine apple, sour cherry and mango. This is great for people who truly love the taste of fruit and want that sweet natural scent in their mouth for hours at a time.
Beverages are another category related to fruits, but it branches out into other drinks. Besides the lemonade and orange juice flavors, you can get coffee, tea, milk, soda and mixed margarita flavors as well. These could come in handy if you are trying to beat a caffeine or dairy addiction.
The dessert flavors have many powerful effects. You can choose from candies, chocolates, cobblers, cinnamon rolls and more. People who are trying to diet and stay away from sweets will really love the dessert flavored e-liquid. You will be able to get the taste of sweets in your mouth without actually eating any. This will create a psychological effect in your brain that will make you feel satisfied and not crave them anymore. You might want to try these out if you have a food weakness for sweets that you want to overcome.
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