E-Cigarette: How it Works

Electronic cigarettes are mobile devices just like any other. When you first look at an e-cig you may be confused as to how to operate it. This is a natural reaction, but don’t worry because it is very easy to learn how to use it.

First you have to understand how they function. The three basic components of an electronic cigarette are the cartridge, atomizer, and e-liquid. The cartridge is what holds the e-liquid. When you put the cartridge into the e-cig, the filler from the cartridge makes contact with the bridge of the atomizer and then the liquid fills up the steel reservoir inside the atomizer. The only thing it needs now is help from the user to make this happen. This means you inhale on the mouthpiece end of the e-cig, which then pulls the liquid out of the atomizer’s reservoir and into the atomizer’s ceramic pot.

This pot contains an aromatic polyimide wick, and the coil around the wick starts to heat up. The liquid becomes heated until it turns into vapor. Once this happens, the vapor goes through the electronic cigarette and comes out of the mouthpiece. If there is a manual switch on your e-cig then it will only vaporize whatever you have in the ceramic pot only. You need to turn it on automatic to create the “pulling” effect that puts more liquid in the pot.

The newest electronic cigarettes contain batteries that you can charge with a USB charger. They often give you attachments that let you charge them in wall outlets and car cigarette outlets as well. But by charging your device with the USB port of your computer, this turns it into an electronic smoking experience. Just remember to keep your device charged when you are not using it. That way it won’t lag or clonk out while you are using it. You may want to consider investing in a portable battery case, so you can carry around your battery and charger more conveniently. Also, you need to replace the cartridges in the e-cig if you ever notice the flavor quality of the e-liquids starting to diminish. You should be able to get a hundred vapes or so before this starts to happen. Then when you fill up the cartridge with the e-liquid, you just add several drops of e-liquid into the sponge on the inside of the cartridge. Do this until the sponge looks saturated with e-liquid.

A New Alternative to Smoking

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