E-Cigarette Origins

We have all heard about electronic cigarettes, but where did they come from? Who actually invented these devices and when were they first introduced to the marketplace? These are questions about e-cig enthusiasts want to know about because these devices just seemed to pop up out of the blue.

Electronic cigarettes were first created in Beijing, China by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik in the year 2003. Not only was this 52-year-old man a pharmacist, but he was also a smoker and inventor as well. Supposedly, he invented the e-cig device as a reaction to his father dying from lung cancer. Lik was working for Golden Dragon Holdings at the time, which ended up developing   and distributing the device after the company’s name changed to Ruyan. This Chinese name means “like smoke.” About three years later, the electronic cigarettes were introduced to European countries. A year after that the United States began to sell them too. This is when e-cigs really started to take off and more independent e-cig companies began to emerge around the world. Today you can purchase e-cigs in almost every gas station in America and throughout Europe that sells regular cigarettes.
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The regulation and legislation surrounding e-cigs was very minimal during the first few years they were sold to the public. Now local, state and federal governments in America have all developed their own regulation surrounding electronic cigarettes. Many areas that ban smoking have also banned e-cigs because they say it is the same thing. But as time went on there have been more scientific studies and research done to prove that e-cigs are not harmful to people. In fact, people have begun finding themselves free from their former tobacco addictions because the transition to e-cigs made quitting tobacco much easier. In October of 2008, the Ruyan Company funded a study by Health New Zealand where they analyzed the levels of toxins and carcinogens in e-liquids. The results showed that the levels of these substances were below the levels that are deemed harmful to people. This is not the only study done though. Numerous studies have been done by scientists and researchers in many countries and they have all come up with the same results. The only people who help restrict e-cigs are the activists that oppose the scientific evidence which contradicts their beliefs.
If you want to learn more about the history of electronic cigarettes and the many smoke free alternatives out there, you can visit the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Assocation’s website at: http://casaa.org/E-cigarette_History.html

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