E-Cigarettes Help You Not Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking

 E-Cigarettes are in general a healthier option for someone that smokes normal tobacco. Studies had shown that have less toxics levels than conventional tobacco. But they also have a great advantage over normal tobacco.

This alternative to conventional cigarettes can help not gain weight when you are considering quit smoking. The possibility of gaining weight hinders smokers to stop smoking. This can be mainly because of a matter of appearance but can also be due to health threats concerns. Being overweight affects the general health at many different levels lowering the quality of life and life expectancy. Gaining weight can also affect the psychological health and perception of a person. It can affect the social life of a person, because that person may not want to leave his or her house since that person may be ashamed of his or her body shape. Therefore, if someone is trying to quit smoking to be healthier, has some reason to fear the weight gain associated to quit smoking. If you quit smoking and gain weight, you aren`t improving your general health and physical aspect.

So, what someone that wants to quit smoking and not gain weight can do?

People who fear the weight gain associated with the loss of addiction can always bet on electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes help maintain the weight when you are trying to smoke.

This happens because the nicotine presence in this kind of alternatives to common cigarette keeps the appetite low, as a detailed study between Stirling University (New Zealand) and at the British Center for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies explains. The investigation has found out that the nicotine deficiency that occurs as soon as you quit smoking increases the appetite, therefore, the ex-smokers tend to gain weight. So, electronic cigarettes are a good short-term option to maintain your weight when you are trying to quit smoking, but only the ones that contain nicotine not tobacco. According to this study, published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, e-cigarettes with flavors are a great option to diminish the need for food.

So, this are good news for persons who are trying to quit smoking, but fear gaining some pounds!

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