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E-cigarette eGo-W caseTo many people, e-cigarettes have become another mobile device like their tablet or Smartphone. What is great about e-cigarettes is you can buy them online just like any of these other mobile devices. There are plenty of online e-cigarette shops that specialize in particular brands and there are others that cater to all brands. More than likely, you will be purchasing multiple brands when it comes to your e-liquids, electronic cigarettes and MODs. Some brands only cater to one of these, while other brands make all of them. The only condition to purchasing electronic cigarettes online is that you have to verify you are over 18 years old. Basically, you will be asked to pay with a credit card in order to verify your identity. After all, people who are under 18 cannot be issued a credit card. 

Now if you go to your local gas station or convenience store, you should see electronic cigarettes for sale. But you probably won’t see a wide variety of e-liquids that you can use with the e-cigs. There may be a few generic brands to give you some basic flavor, but if you want the more exotic e-liquids then you will either have to shop for them online or locate an e-cig shop that specializes in them. If you want to find an e-cig shop then you will have to probably go to a city or big town because they are not as common. But with the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, there are bound to be many more e-cig shops established in towns throughout American and around the world. A lot of it has to do with local legislation and regulations surrounding e-cigs. For example, some jurisdictions don’t let you import or export e-cig products. This means that e-cig shop owners have to create their own e-liquids in a laboratory instead of just purchasing them from a supplier. So if you are just a business person that doesn’t know much about chemistry and formulating your own e-liquid brands, then you are going to be in trouble if you cannot import them from a supplier. The best thing you can do is find a local supplier or move to a new state that doesn’t forbid imports of these e-cig devices and supplies.


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