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The main vapor source behind the electronic cigarette is the electronic liquid, or e-liquid. The liquid is what produces the vapor that gives you a unique sensation and taste. The e-liquids are usually made with propylene glycol, commonly found in medicines, and vegetable glycerine which is found in food flavorings. What has people raving about e-cigs is the number of flavors you can use with it. E-liquids are generated to taste like coffee, caramel, menthol, mint, ice cream and more. For those who like the traditional tobacco taste and feel, there are even e-liquids with the classic tobacco flavor as well. There are so many different e-liquid bottles to purchase, so it keeps the vaping experience interesting all the time.
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Besides the flavor and taste aspects of e-liquids, you have to understand what you are buying. Some e-liquid suppliers will only sell you the concentrates, which means you have to add the liquid nicotine separately. Then, of course, you can buy the e-liquids that have the nicotine already in them and are ready to vape. If you have never vaped before, you should start out with a small quantity of e-liquids so you can get used to them. Eventually, you can purchase in bigger quantities and save additional money from suppliers who will give you a good deal on bulk orders. But you have to remember that storing nicotine liquid needs to have special considerations. If it gets exposed to too much heat, light or air, then the quality of the substance will be degraded. Therefore you need to store it in a cool, dry and dark area. The best places are the refrigerator, freezer or amber glass bottles. You might even want to put warning labels in case you are worried that someone else in the house will use them unknowingly.
Remember you don’t have to use nicotine liquids in your electronic cigarettes. There are plenty of nicotine free e-liquids that you can purchase. Although they might not be as strong, they will still give you a great taste and relaxing sensation. But even if you decide to use nicotine liquids, they only have trace amounts of nicotine in them. Furthermore, liquid nicotine does not cause you to become addicted the way tobacco nicotine does. So you really have nothing to worry about no matter which choice you make. If you want to learn more about e-liquids and some stories from others who have tried nicotine liquid, then visit: http://www.ecigalternative.com/nicotine-liquids.htm

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