Electronic Cigarette Myths Exposed

There are a lot of myths about electronic cigarettes that have been made over the years. Most of these myths are derived from people who have never actually vaped from the device themselves. If they did they would realize that there are no negative health effects. You can also look at the millions of people whose lives have improved because of electronic cigarettes. But despite all of the evidence, it never stops myths and rumors from spreading to oppose something that has already become widely accepted.Choice between cigarette and e-cigarette
Myth # 1 is that electronic cigarettes encourage smoking. The idea here is that nicotine in e-liquid will get people addicted to it, which will then cause them to go out and purchase tobacco cigarettes. According to a study performed in 2014 by the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics, only 1 in 300 people who tried e-cigs became tobacco smokers. Therefore, the myth is clearly false and e-cigs will not turn you into a smoker.
Myth # 2 is that e-cigs cause cancer. Scientific research has already been done to study this and has proven it does not cause cancer. E-liquid only has small amounts of nicotine and carcinogenic materials. If you are a secondhand vapor who happens to be around someone else vaping, then you definitely have nothing to worry about. You have better chance of getting cancer from breathing the air in New York City.

Myth # 3 is that e-cigs have side effects and cause allergic reactions in certain people. The only reaction people will experience is if they quit smoking and replace it with e-cig vaping. The body will go through an adjustment because it won’t be getting the tobacco relief any more that it was used to getting. So basically, it is like a mini withdrawal from tobacco. It has nothing to do with the e-cig itself. People who have never smoked before and tried e-cigs can verify this.
The newest myth is that electronic cigarettes can explode in your hands at any time. The truth is all electronic devices that use lithium batteries can explode, including your Smartphone. If you get a good quality electronic cigarette from a reputable brand, then you won’t have to worry about this. They are made to minimize risk of explosion and battery fire through venting. As a user, all you have to do is follow the instructions for the e-cig and you should never have to worry about this.
If you want to read up on more electronic cigarette myths, then visit: http://www.ecigalternative.com/electronic-cigarette-myths.htm

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