Flavor is not the only reason to switch to ejuice

Electronic cigarettes have been faced with controversy from activists.   What many people do not know is that ecigs and vapor are not as dangerous as some make them out to be. In fact, they are a healthier and cheaper alternative for smokers who want to keep their “smoking habits”. Although, it is not encouraged for those who have not tried nicotine to start using electronic cigarettes, but for past users or current smokers, it is a safer alternative and can even help you stop smoking. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated nicotine inhalers that have an LED that lights up at the end when you puff on the ecig, this provides the feeling of smoking still. The puff of vapor is released when a heating element boils the e-liquid until it produces a vapor. The vapor released comes in a wide variety of different flavors from menthol to Frosted Doughnut and Marlboro to Apple Pie.

Flavor is not the only reason to switch to ejuice. Vape is better for the environment, you, and your wallet. Cigarettes have at least five hundred additives that when you smoke them release about four thousand chemical compounds into the air. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand release only four chemicals into the air, and one of those is only water. While extra compounds can be used in the juice to produce flavoring, those have also been deemed to be perfectly safe. With all of those chemicals cigarettes produce, why would you want to put that in your body?   Ecigs still contain nicotine, but you can choose the amount. The vapor for electronic cigarettes offers nicotine amounts of anywhere from none to 36 mg. Smokers who are trying to quit smoking could even use this to slowly lower the amount until they stop smoking. Using electronic cigarettes and vapor instead of smoking can also save you anywhere from eighty to two hundred dollars a month as shown by studies. That is a lot of money that you could be saving.

E-liquids are like your favorite seasonal coffee or teas, and just like these flavors your e-juice should complement your mood and taste. February is just around the corner; needless to say it is high time you upgrade your e-liquid collection to fit the mood.

I found a great place to get e-juice. The flavors are fantastic! At You Got E-Juice they work hard to bring the best tasting, highest quality USA made e-juice on the market at an affordable price. They use only Premium NicSelect Nicotine, 99.7% pure USP grade Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, and 99.97% pure USP grade Kosher Propylene Glycol. No food coloring, nor any other unnecessary additives are used in You Got E-Juice premium e-liquids.

You are not limited to a tobacco taste, though it is an optional flavor among vapers who are inhaling to quit smoking. I found that cinnamon was a great option to switch from cigarettes to ecigs. The red hot cinnamon tasted like those tooth picks and created a sensation that helped prevent me from going back to the nasty cigarette taste. Vaping sessions can be insanely fun, and there is even a way to mix your own flavors.  Vaping is a tobacco-less alternative to cigarettes, and you can change flavors so that will never taste the same, but it will feel like you’re smoking a cigarette.

Why not have it taste better along with the excellent health benefits of switching to vaping? At You Got e-Juice they have the following flavors that I highly recommend;

  • Apple Jack – Just like our favorite apple cereal with cinnamon. For those who like a kick with your breakfast!
  • Banana Nut Bread – Reminiscent of grandma’s banana nut bread! Sweet banana, hints of cinnamon mixed with walnuts
  • Blueberry Cheesecake – Fluffy cheesecake topped with freshly picked blueberries
  • Blueberry Custard – Sweet and creamy custard with delectable blueberries
  • Blueberry Waffle – A fresh Blueberry topped Belgian Waffle.
  • Watermelon Rocks, Summer Breeze, and Lucky Cereal are also popular as well.

Choose a custard flavor, a fruit flavor, there are even cereal flavors. The possibilities are endless. Wouldn’t you much rather inhale a cheesecake flavored vapor than smell like tobacco for the rest of your life?

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