Flavor Pairing – What Goes Good Together?

V2 Cigs Limited Edition flavor: Mojito Have you ever wanted to mix multiple flavors of e-liquid together to form a new interesting vapor taste? What flavors do you think go good together? Now you could figure this out the easy way by just purchasing random liquids and dropping them in your clearomizer together. But try to use a little common sense and think about how one flavor can enhance the flavor of another. For example, almond flavor pairs up pretty well with banana, cherry, peach, apple and plum. Fig flavor pairs up with cinnamon, pear, vanilla, and citrus. However, you don’t want to pair up ice cream with black pepper or banana with bacon. Can you tell the differences between the good and the bad? Try to think about desserts or other real life foods that mix flavors together. A strawberry cake that uses vanilla cake mix might taste the same as strawberry and vanilla e-liquids paired together. You get the idea.

Now for novice e-liquid mixers, you should only stick with two flavors at a time. Like anything else in life, you want to perfect your skill before getting too excessive with it. So don’t put five or six e-liquids together without gradually increasing your mixture amount. The rule of thumb is the more liquids you mix together, the bigger the chance that it will come out tasting funny. That is why there are services that mix up to five liquids in the first place. But if you use these services then they will leave it up to you to pick the ingredients. That is why you should only create a small amount of the mixture so you can give it a taste test. This applies to both purchasing the service and creating it yourself. You don’t want to mix 10ml together and find out it tastes horribly. Then you will have wasted your time and money on the liquids. Therefore, always taste a small amount first to test it out.

Flavor pairing can be both fun and rewarding. Perhaps you could discover and create the next big flavor. Not only does flavor pairing satisfy your personal creativity, but you could turn it into a business if you end up creating a flavor that is likeable and undiscovered by everyone else in the e-liquid business. To get an idea about flavor pairing, try visiting other e-liquid websites like ecblendflavors.com and see the flavors they blend together in their formulas. This kind of research will go a long way in helping you figure out your own flavor pairings.

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