Formaldehyde vs. Electronic Cigarettes

The big controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes is that the vapor contains cancer producing substances called “formaldehyde.” Some people are now worried they could get cancer if they continue to vape with electronic cigarettes. However, what they don’t realize is that tobacco cigarette smoke also contains formaldehyde in it as well. The only difference is electronic cigarettes six times less formaldehyde than its tobacco counterpart. This only proves what health experts have been saying all along that e-cigs are not as bad for you as tobacco smoking.

The debate about carcinogens and formaldehyde seem to vary amongst different studies throughout the world. According to a leading researcher into e-cigs, Naoki Kunugita of the Department of Environmental Health National Institute of Public Health in Japan, one e-cigarette brand tested contained more than 10 times the amount of carcinogens in it than a tobacco cigarette. When the general public heard about this, they were very concerned and thought e-cigs were bad. But you have to realize that Kunugita only tested one brand of e-cigs, and the name of the brand was not even revealed.

Another researcher in Canada made a more supportive discovery towards electronic cigarettes in 2008. After testing cigarette smoke, he concluded that tobacco cigarettes had six times more carcinogens than the same e-cigarette studied by Kunugita in Japan. Therefore, the Canadian conclusion tells people that e-cigs are not as bad for them as tobacco cigarettes. With all of these varying scientific studies, it is hard to know who to trust.

It is true that electronic cigarettes are still in the dark ages. After all, they have only been around about ten years or so. How long have tobacco cigarettes been around? People have seen tobacco smokers since forever, and mankind has had plenty of time to understand the negative effects that the nicotine of tobacco causes upon people. But with electronic cigarettes, we have not had a long time to study them yet. Some people say the formaldehyde is high while others say the carbonyl levels are high from its atomizer. The best thing you can do is draw your own conclusions based on your own experiences and the experiences of other people who have vaped for years. Do they look sick? Do they have cancer? Your answer will likely be ‘no’ to both of these questions. In fact you will probably notice they are happier and healthier than ever, especially if they vaped to quit smoking. If you want to learn more about the various studies that were conducted, visit:

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