How Can You Argue?

With the economy going into the trash and personal finances a nightmare for most in modern times, smokers of tobacco are probably suffering the most. The costs of purchasing analog cigarettes are on the rise, with taxes and regulations becoming stricter, there’s no denying that smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes puts a terrible hurting on the pockets.

Vaping can ease the hurt for those who still wish to be able to continue the “smoking habit”. It’s a much safer and much cheaper alternative. Studies show that smokers who switched to electronic cigarettes and vaping are saving anywhere from eighty dollars to two hundred dollars a month. That’s two of my mobile phone bills.
Let’s talk environment. Analog cigarettes are made up of at least 500 additives that when lit, send about 4,000 chemical compounds into the air. Vaping uses a whopping four chemicals, one of those being water. While more compounds can be used to produce flavoring (what I consider the best part of vaping) all of the compounds used for flavoring are also deemed perfectly safe.
Why would anyone want to walk around smelling like an ashtray when they could smell like blueberries? Or oats and anise? Who wouldn’t trade in whiter teeth, fresher clothes, and better health? Many vapers report being able to play with their kids again, jog, and in general enjoy everyday physical activities that analog cigarettes had made impossible for them.
Personally, I like to vape in bed. No more worrying about falling asleep and burning my house down in the middle of the night. My teeth are at least two times whiter now that I’ve switched to ecigarettes and vaping. I read all of the safety regulations and I understand that people are just scared of a new product. This product is not new. This product is not unsafe.
It’s time to make the switch from slowly killing yourself with analog cigarettes, to enjoying your everyday activities and extra cash in your wallet. How can you argue?
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