How to Clean a Clearomizer

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The newest electronic cigarettes have a clearomizer in them. But you have to be responsible by cleaning them periodically or your electronic cigarette won’t work right. The first thing you will notice is the production of vapor is poorer. You may also notice a burnt taste in your mouth. If you notice any of these things then you probably haven’t cleaned your clearomizer for two weeks. But surprisingly, many people don’t even realize this is the cause of the problem. Their normal reaction will be to order a new clearomizer and throw the old one away. But if you like saving money and want to increase your vapor production then follow these steps in order to clean your clearomizer.

First you will want to get rid of any e-liquid that still exists inside the device. Remove the bottom of the clearomizer to do this. Now fill up half the tank with warm water and then place your thumb over the opening. Shake the clearomizer vigorously for a few seconds, and then dump the water out. The water should look a little dirty after you do this. Repeat this process about 5 times until the water stops looking dirty. Next you will want to blow inside the tank in order to dry it out. You may even want to let it air dry for a few hours to increase the dryness. After the tank is all dried out, reassemble the electronic cigarette and place it on an advanced personal vaporizer.

The next step is to clean the heat coils on the clearomizer. Each time you vape, the coils build up gunk and so you need to clean this gunk in order to enhance the flavor of the vapor. To clean this gunk, you need to use a process called “dry burning.” You just heat the coil up in quick 2 second bursts until you see it change into an orange glowing color. Vapor may form from the gunk while this is taking place. You can just blow that away, but don’t blow into the clearomizer while it is heating. Make sure the heat is off first. Let the coils cool down after it turns bright orange. At this point, the gunk should be completely gone and now your clearomizer is clean. The first five or ten vapes may taste a little funny, but after that it should taste normal again. Then just remember to repeat this cleaning process at least every two weeks.
V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Taste. Trust. Technology.

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