How to Clean your Vape Tank

How to Clean your Vape Tank

Have you ever taken out this fresh new atomizer from the case, put your beloved e-juice and got an acrimonious taste? Or have you changed your e-juice flavor to another just to get a mixture of two flavors that may not taste as well?

Do not worry; we have all experienced the same. This simply means that you need to clean your tank. Cleaning is relatively simple and should be done regularly to keep your tank running properly and your vapor tasting normally.

Keeping your tank cleaning does not take long. You do not even need to use fancy cleaning kits, but except if you really want to. All you require are water, alcohol, a bowl, liquid dish perfume and paper towels.

Here is a step by step guide to getting the atomizer tank clean.

  1. Firstly, if it is fresh out of the box or your old reliable tank, it is necessary to disassemble. This includes removal of O-rings and screws. This part is necessary – remember where every component goes. Draw a sketch if necessary.
  2. Using a clean bowl, pour a 90% alcohol solution and add the components of your tank. Give them a quick rinse to remove remaining oils.
  3. Empty the alcohol bowl and refill it with warm water enough to wash all the components. Add a little detergent and mix it in water with an old toothbrush. Let the parts soak for as long as the manufacturer recommends for your tank.
  4. When the soaking is finished, take this old toothbrush and gently rub all parts. Be sure to pay particular attention to the internal parts through which air will flow.
  5. Rinse the pieces and let them dry on a paper towel or cloth. Microfiber works perfectly for this.
  6. It is time to re-assemble the atomizer. Use the sketch you drew previously as a guide. First of all, your O-rings could be a bit difficult to insert, after they have been cleaned. A simple solution is to use some e-juice or oil to lubricate.
  7. Once your O-rings are properly lubricated, you can continue with the assembly until it is finished. Do not forget to install a new coil.

Now that it’s fully assembled, it’s time to enjoy a tasty serving steamer!

Maintaining the battery/mod is also a simple process. Be careful not to drop it. Electronic mods have delicate pieces that can be easily broken. If you have a built-in battery, you have to worry about making sure the connectors are free of dirt and e-juice. Friction with a Q-tip will go a long way to keep it clean. A mod with detachable batteries requires a little more maintenance. Check your cell phone connections every day. Weekly, look for dirt, dust and e-juice. Make sure that the coil of the negative connection still has its spring. Ensure there are no signs of burns or corrosion.

Care of the Vape ensures that you will always get a tasty serve. It also ensures that it will have a long shelf-life.

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