New Study Fights Health Arguments against Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have grown fast in popularity, but there are still some activists who insist they are dangerous for your health. However, many of their assumptions for why it is bad have no scientific backing. On the flip side, there are studies that come out all the time which prove electronic cigarettes are not bad for you. In fact they are actually quite helpful to people who suffer from nicotine addictions. The latest study that just came out counters many of the popular health arguments against electronic cigarettes.

A national research group, R Street Institute of Oklahoma City, fully defends electronic cigarettes and feels they are perfectly fine for people to consume. Dr. Joel Nitzkin did an analysis for R Street Institute into the possible negative effects of vaping with e-cigs. He found that they were right in assuming e-cigs were not harmful. Furthermore, he stated that e-cigs are a great tool for reducing tobacco damage and overcoming addiction to cigarettes. He also pointed out that all the criticism against e-cigs is malarkey. This professional analysis of e-cigs comes at a time when Oklahoma is planning to ban e-cigs in public areas, including outdoor parks. Local jurisdictions in Oklahoma, like Shawnee and Ada, have already passed ordinances for this. But one city, Tahlequah, pulled this agenda from their city council.

With all the scientific evidence that electronic cigarettes are not harmful, there is no real argument that lawmakers can make to forbid them in public places. How come tobacco cigarettes can still be smoked in parks, but not electronic cigarettes? It doesn’t make sense. The nation has already received a record number of sales on electronic cigarettes. In 2013, there was $1 billion worth of e-cig sales. Dr. Nitzkin predicts that by the year 2017 there will be $10 billion in sales. He also mentioned in a press conference that pharmaceutical products have the same concentration of carcinogens as e-cig fluids.

What it all comes down to his money. The tobacco industry is scared that people will stop buying tobacco cigarettes and convert to e-cigs all together. Tobacco companies will not financially support studies into e-cigs for this reason. In fact, they will do whatever they can to bring them down by spreading false rumors about the dangers of e-cigs. Don’t believe them for one second because doctors have already disproven these rumors. If you want to learn more about this study by Dr. Nitzkin, visit:

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