Struggling With The Urge To Be Quitting Smoking

To those of you, struggling with the urge to be quitting smoking and failing miserably at it, fear no longer for we are here to the rescue… Vaping has been introduced to the world; with Vaping you can enjoy the high nicotine intake at a reduced risk. What Vaping actually does is put to use a Vegetable Glycerin based liquid that is then mixed with some small amounts of food grade flavoring and nicotine. This blend then gets vaporized in smoke and hence producing the effect and experience of smoking. Since this vapor is inhaled and exhaled much like the traditional smoke, hence the term vaping! Electronic Cigarettes are the game changers and have, changed the possibilities of recovering from nicotine addictions. If you have always wanted to stop smoking we have quite a few products to help you, you can stop smoking and yet have the pleasure to smoke with a few ultra modern, ground breaking devices such as zamble-box and eluma.
Vaping is a much cheaper and a safer alternative to smoking; you can both quit smoking and yet have the pleasure of smoking, all thanks to e-juice and all the many electronic cigarettes that you can your hands on here. Studies reflect on figures which state that switching to an electronic cig is not only more economical but better for health too. An atomizer tends to give you similar pleasures of puffing and breathing the smoke in and out. The e-juice is one of the most satisfying means of quenching your craving for a good puff of cigarette.

With all the modern advancements in the world of technology, and the growing human concern for health and a worldwide campaign against the use of cigarettes and the severe diseases that it may come accompanied with, an e-cig appears to be the smartest and most viable option out. The Carcinogenic, that these cigarettes are rich in, are cancer causing ingredients and with vap, you can cut down on your intake of these Carcinogenic and in turn reduce your chances of developing cancer. Your budget with a switch from the traditional cigarettes to an e-cig can save you anywhere in between 80 dollars to 200 dollars a month, depending directly on how lethal your addiction is…
The tradition cigarette, let’s call it the analogue cigarette for the sake of it, is made up of at the least 500 additives and when it is lit, some 4,000 chemicals are released in the air opposed to e-juice and vaping, they both use a total of 4 chemicals in all and one of these is water, itself. Whilst more compounds can be added for flavoring but what is the best is how these compounds are perfectly safe for use as well.
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We Are A Website Dedicated To Educating People On Electronic Cigarettes And The Benefits Of Vaping. There Are Many Misconceptions About E-cigarettes And The Affects They Have On People. All Of The Articles On Our Website Are Here To Help You Understand E-cigs Are Not Harmful To People. Sure They Have Nicotine, But You Choose The Amount, But They Don’t Have Nearly As Many Chemicals As Cigarettes. E-juice Ranges In Flavors And Nicotine Goes From 0mg To 36mg, Menthol Flavored To Cotton Candy, Marlboro To Cinnamon. Now Don’t Get Us Wrong. We Are Not Here To Encourage You To Go Out And Purchase Electronic Cigarettes, Especially If They Have Never Consumed Nicotine Before. Instead We Want To Offer You An Alternative To Smoking Cigarettes As Well As Show You That Ecigs Are Not As Harmful As Many Activists Are Making Them Out To Be.
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