The Government vs. Cigarettes

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According to the Centers of Disease Control, smoking is the leading cause of death in the United States which could otherwise be prevented. On average, smoking kills one out of five Americans each year. This doesn’t even account for the 16 million plus Americans who have a disease related to smoking. Therefore it is fair to say that decreasing the amount of cigarette smoking will improve the overall health of traditional smokers. The good news is that despite the high number of smoking related deaths in America, statistics show that fewer Americans are smoking now than they did in 1965. The reason for this has to do with better education on the topic. People are now learning about the dangers of smoking at a very early age, which is a luxury that older generations never had. The government and many nonprofit organizations have spent lots of money on campaigns that talk against smoking. Many local governments have increased taxes on cigarettes and put bans on television advertising for it. Instead they promote anti-smoking campaigns that encourage people to live healthier lives and talk against smoking.

As far as e-cigarettes go, the United States government does not put the same restrictions on them as they do with tobacco cigarettes. The main reason for this is because e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, so the regulation for tobacco products does not apply. However, there are state and local governments that have put their own restrictions on e-cigarette use in their jurisdiction. Cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston are just some examples. Some states, like North Dakota, New Jersey and Utah, have put bans on e-cigarettes wherever tobacco cigarettes are prohibited. This restrictive trend seems to be growing across the country, which is upsetting many e-cig enthusiasts. But since the e-liquid still contains nicotine, local officials say this makes it an addictive product.
What will it take to get government officials to change their mind? Well they need to know without a doubt that e-cigarettes pose no health to individuals who use it. This goes for both primary users and second-hand users. Even though e-cigarettes are not as harmful as tobacco cigarettes, there still is not enough concrete evidence to prove that the toxic chemicals in the e-cig vapor is not harmful to individuals who inhale it. Therefore, e-cigarette users will still have to be cautious and watch where they use their device.

As the e-cigarette industry is relatively new, law-makers are trying to group e-cigarettes together with tobacco products. If successful, the same big corporations that control big tobacco, would control the regulations on all e-cigarettes, juices, and accessories. This would drive the costs for everybody extremely high, as well as possibly limit the flavors we have come to love. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION Please join us in our “Fight For Vaping” to tell Congress that e-cigarettes are what initially turned us away from tobacco, and to group them together at this point would be taking two large steps back, rather than making ANY progress forward.


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