The ‘Second-Hand Smoke’ Question

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For years we have heard about how second hand smoking was just as deadly to people as actually smoking a cigarette. The worst part about is that innocent people who’ve never touched cigarettes get affected by second-hand smoking. Now with the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, people wonder if the same rules apply to them. So the big question is, do e-cigarettes cause second-hand smoking to other people? This is the new debate in the smoking community that has gotten lots of attention. But for those who believe in facts and scientific studies, the debate should be quite easy. In fact the answer to this question is the same answer for traditional smokers. E-cigarettes are much safer for your health than tobacco cigarettes, whether you are physically using the cigarette or hanging around somebody who is. With tobacco cigarettes, the smoker is blowing their smoke into the air. If you breathe that smoke then this is considered second-hand smoking and it will hurt your lungs. But with e-cigarettes, there is no tobacco getting burned and there is no smoke being generated. Since there is no smoke being generated, then you cannot get second-hand smoke by being next to someone who is using an e-cigarette.
There are currently a number of public places throughout the country that place bans on cigarette smoking. The problem is these rules also apply to e-cigarettes. Since it has been proven that e-cigarette use is not actually considered “smoking,” then this ban should not apply to e-cigarette users. Many e-cig enthusiasts are fighting local governments to make them understand this point so they can use their e-cigarettes in any public place they want. However, there was a small study done by the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority which found that the air quality can get worse from vaping with an e-cigarette. There were concentrated amounts of aluminum, PAHs and nicotine found in the air, which are all components linked to cardiovascular disease. Because of this study, it has prevented many local officials from easing their restrictions on e-cigarettes.
What is the real verdict here? It is true that e-cigarettes do contain nicotine, but the amounts are nowhere near as substantial as the amount of nicotine found in a traditional tobacco cigarette. Therefore if you were to breathe in air vapor then it would likely not affect your lungs at all. In fact, it would be worse to just live in a city and breathe in the carbon monoxide from the traffic every day. Therefore, second-hand vaping is nothing you should worry about.
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