The Studies on E-Cigarette Safety

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The Studies on E-Cigarette Safety

People are always speculating about how safe e-cigarettes are in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. Some people think e-cigarettes are just as bad while others say they are better for you. Well the scientific community has been paying attention to this controversy. In response, they have conducted their own series of tests on e-liquids to determine how they affect a person’s health. These studies all come from different health agencies from around the world. You will find the majority of Ippuku E-Cigs Skyscraper 2these results show that e-cigarette vaping causes no health problems in those individuals who do it.

At the American Council on Science and Health, it was concluded that smoking is the leading cause of death to Americans and that e-cigarette regulation actually contributes to that. For years, smokers have been looking for a way to quit smoking. It used to be that nicotine chewing gum would help people stop smoking. While some smokers had success with that, the majority of smokers did not. However, smokers who have tried vaping with e-cigarettes found it much easier to beat their tobacco cigarette cravings. There are a couple of reasons why they are successful. The main reason is that smokers will get the same sensation from inhaling vapor as they would with inhaling smoke. Since e-cigarettes do not contain smoke or tobacco, then there is no damage to their lungs from inhaling the vapor. E-cigarettes use a battery to vaporize the e-liquid, which only contains water and flavorings. This is what you are inhaling when you take a puff of an e-cigarette. Now there may be trace amounts of nicotine in the liquid, but the amount is so insignificant that it won’t do any damage to your lungs.

Those who oppose e-cigarettes often bring up the nicotine factor in the e-liquids. But according to Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Greece, gradually decreasing nicotine levels is the key to getting someone to quit smoking. You can’t just take nicotine completely away from a smoker and expect them to beat the addiction. In fact this could be even more dangerous to their health if you totally remove it from their life instantly. Instead you have to give them nicotine in small amounts in order to tame the addiction. This makes e-cigarettes the perfect solution for quitters because they will get their nicotine fix but without enduring any real damage to their cardiovascular system. Dr. Konstantinos E. Farsalinos also found out in his research that e-cigarettes do not affect the flow of oxygen to the heart. Therefore, the studies into the safety of e-cigarettes are overwhelming in favor of people using them.
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