Vaping provides a flavor experience for anyone.

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You are not limited to a tobacco taste, though that is a popular choice among vapers who are inhaling to quit smoking. Vaping sessions can be insanely fun, and there is even a way to mix your own flavors. I’d suggest using a mixing calculator or at the very least watching a tutorial.

Flavors are the best part of vaping (in my personal opinion). While tobacco is a popular flavoring option, there are also various choices in that area as well. Some manufacturers imitate popular cigarette brand flavors such as Marlboro and Camels, but will distort the names so as to avoid trademark issues. Do not expect these flavors to taste just like the cigarette brands. Vaping is a tobacco-less alternative to analog cigarettes, and will never taste the same as one, but it will feel like you’re smoking a cigarette.

Why not have it taste better along with the excellent health benefits of switching to vaping? There are blends such as Cuban Cigar flavor, Turkish blend, Flu Cured, and many others. You can also enhance your tobacco flavor with Menthol, DK-TAB which is intense spice flavoring, Hilton which is slightly less intense and a bit sweet, or RY4, which has slightly caramel flavored undertones, to name a few.

If I’m looking for an alternative flavor to tobacco during my vaping sessions, there are literally more flavors than I can think of. Butter-rum seems to be a popular and widely chosen flavor, as it goes down sweet and smooth. There are even green tea, coke, and cappuccino flavors.

Chocolate, mint, and caramel are popular as well. It’s worth noting that some view this as an aim to entice children or young teens into vaping, but adults like these flavors, and that is who they are marketed towards.

Choose a nutty flavor, a fruit flavor, there are even champagne flavors. The possibilities are endless. Wouldn’t you much rather inhale a cheesecake flavored vapor than smell like tobacco for the rest of your life?

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