Vaping Tips for the Beginner

Everyone needs some help as a beginner in any hobby or subject. There are many things that you won’t know at first to optimize your vaping experience. Here are some tips that can help:

When selecting a juice, it has been proven that darker tinted juices can clog up the atomizer more quickly than light tinted juices. Ensure to experiment with different kinds to find what works for you.
Letting the juice steep for at least 3 days has some validity to it. Letting the flavors marry together for a while has helped me optimize my vaping experience. Even if you’re skeptical, try it and see if this works for you. Also, take care to shake the bottle up here and there. It ensures that the flavors are always being distributed evenly.
Bright light can change the flavoring, tint, and overall performance of your juice. Store it in a cool, dark place to avoid chemical changes within the juice.
Some flavors will carry over more heavily than others. In my personal experience, I have to clean the atomizer anytime I use cinnamon flavored juice. If you’re having trouble getting rid of a specific flavor after switching, this is the time to clean your atomizer and start fresh.

For more of a throat hit, some vapers insist that adding just a single drop of grain alcohol will give you more of that throat feel. While people who have never smoked and are new to vaping probably won’t see a problem with the throat feel, it’s important to note that a lot of people switch from analog cigarettes to vaping in order to preserve their health. That doesn’t mean they want to give up the feeling of smoking, they just want the added health benefits (as well as the awesome flavors) of vaping.
Final tip, don’t overdo it when purchasing your first couple of flavors. If you find something you like, that’s awesome, but using anything too much can cause you to be sick of it. Make sure to keep a variety of flavors on hand and find what best works for you.

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